Play Spindero

The Ante - Players choice.  Coins, dollars, candy, drinks, and even clothing are all great forms of currency to play with.

All players ante in to the pot. Owner of the top takes first spin.

When the top stops spinning, it will land on one of the following sides:

P1 - Put 1: The spinner puts 1 into the pot.
P2- Put 2: The spinner puts 2 into the pot.
T1 - Take 1: The spinner takes 1 from the pot.
T2 - Take 2: The spinner takes 2 from the pot.
AP - All Pay: All the players must put 1 into the pot. 
TA - Take All:
The spinner wins the whole pot.

Additional Rules

Scrub Spin - If the top does not spin for 2 seconds, the spinner must a pay one, and loses their turn.

Off the Table - If the top goes off the table, the spinner must match the amount in the pot.

Play Spindero

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